Saturday, August 03, 2019

[rvzduqoc] Free speech versus political skepticism

In a regime which does a lot of censorship, people will suspect censorship is happening even in situations in which it is not:

  • They're suppressing the truth about the harmfulness of vaccines.
  • My favorite (fringe) news site reports truths which are being suppressed by the fake news that is mainstream media.

Hypothesize that one can measure the amount of censorship going on elsewhere in society by measuring the degree to which people believe stuff like the above.

Then, despite Constitutionally protected free speech and free press, America must have a lot of censorship going on.  Hypothesize that it's non-governmental censorship mechanisms like political correctness.

It also suggests what must be done to counter anti-vaxx movements: increase free speech generally.  Though achieving that might require something deeper.

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