Monday, October 01, 2018

[rrjqetgk] Tetris without gravity

A piece moves down one unit only if you hit the down arrow.  On contacting a piece underneath, it remains horizontally slidable until you hit down again.  Separate button for drop.  Does a piece remain slideable after a drop?  Separate buttons for drop with or without commit.

How many rows can you clear in a limited amount of total time?  You can take as much time as you want with any individual piece; it just eats into your total time.  Or untimed but with a limited total number of pieces.  It's been proven you are guaranteed to overflow eventually even untimed and unlimited, but it could take a long time.

Allow Undo of a piece placement, or make the pieces deterministic so you can memorize the order and get better with practice.  Or show all the pieces upcoming.

Finer grained undo of last piece movement command; an illusion of "up" if you undo a down, but you still can't float a piece up into a cavity you enter from the bottom.

Or maybe you can.  A button to commit the location of a piece anywhere, including floating.  You'll still want to generally move pieces as far down as possible so as not to block new pieces which always enter from the top.

These have probably all been done.

Previously on evil Tetris, which don't have gravity because they are hard enough without it.

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