Wednesday, October 03, 2018

[nzappiux] Letter to Tabloid/Ledger

11x17 paper (tabloid) is narrower (less square) in aspect ratio than letter (8.5x11).  Therefore, to create documents easily magnifiable to 11x17, add an additional 0.69 inches to left and right margins of letter portrait.  It will look funny with such wide side margins.

Motivation is to have the option to create a large type version for low vision when needed.

When magnifying, one needs to magnify the visible (printed) area, not the page area, or else one will end up with very fat (but even!) margins on tabloid.

Or, format directly for 7.12x11 paper.

Or, format directly for tabloid, using fonts that are 17/11=1.55 times larger than normal.

This isn't necessary in A series papers (e.g., A4) which all have the same aspect ratio.

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