Sunday, September 09, 2018

[pujazurj] Re-creating global warming with a centrifuge

Fill one aquarium with air (the control) and another with carbon dioxide, place both in sunlight and measure the greenhouse effect.  This probably won't work:

If the aquarium has no lid, rising warm gas will carry the CO2 away until the gas content becomes identical to the control.  If it does have a lid, the greenhouse effect of the lid will probably dominate anything caused by the different gases.

Can we mimic the effect of gravity (no lid but gas does not escape) with a centrifuge?  We would need a high-speed gas centrifuge.  Unfortunately, those things are tightly regulated, made extremely difficult for normal people to get their hands on and experiment with, because they can also be used for making atomic bombs (uranium isotope separation).

Convincing people that global warming is real is primarily done with politics these days, and it is failing just as one would expect such a use of politics would fail.  An experiment people can see with their own eyes, replicate with their own hands, seems like it would be much more effective.  However, maybe the need to prevent nuclear proliferation will cause us to lose the battle against climate change.

A parable: we imagine a country divided over the value of pi.  The left-wing profess allegiance to the educated elite who claim its value is about 3.14.  The right-wing working class profess allegiance to religious leaders, perhaps citing Biblical sources, who claim that the value is 4.  It is only when Joe the Plumber, the poster boy for the right, decides to do the experiment for himself, to see it with his own eyes by measuring the diameter and circumference of a circular pipe with a tape measure, does science prevail over politics.

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