Friday, August 03, 2018

[pwtykzsq] Anakin defeats the younglings, barely

One of the greatest scenes omitted in Star Wars is Anakin killing the younglings in the Jedi Temple.  (Of course, political correctness prevents even considering shooting that scene.)

Tell a story that that battle was not so easy for the new Darth Vader.  We introduce the following mechanic to make it interesting:

The main thing Jedi Academy teaches these days is not how to increase one's strength in the Force, but how to avoid the Dark Side of the Force.  The younglings have not mastered how to do this yet: therefore, in the battle against Anakin, they somewhat freely use Dark Side techniques (not yet knowing better) against Anakin, also because anything goes when you are fighting for your life.  They are not very good at those techniques, nor at Light Side techniques, but there are a lot -- hundreds? thousands? -- of younglings.  Vader has to deal with waves and waves of raw yet-to-be-tamed offensive and defensive Force aimed at him by the younglings.  This rawness is a side of the Force we have yet to see.  The kids fight viciously, they fight dirty, they flight like a pack of Force-wielding cornered small wild animals.

Some Stooges comedy: poorly aimed Force chokes occasionally pinch his nose or jab him in the eye.

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