Saturday, June 23, 2018

[hyklppdi] Sentence markup

Create a markup language in which sentences are semantically enclosed, so the user does not need to type capitalization of the first word of each sentence: this will be automatically done when the markup becomes rendered.

Motivation was that inserting a word at the beginning of a sentence annoyingly requires lowercasing the former first word.

Having sentences semantically enclosed with begin and end markers (tags) also allows modifying the amount of space between sentences (after periods) uniformly and with a single configuration change, and avoids difficulties regarding abbreviations with periods e.g. "e.g." in the middle of sentences.

Tricky situations: "Sentences in quotes."  (Sentences in parentheses.)  Extra space goes after, capitalization is not the first literal character.

We could also accomplish just the capitalization part (not sentence separating spaces) with a tag indicating "capitalize next word".

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