Tuesday, May 01, 2018

[ulhglysj] Harmonic subdivisions of a day

The largest bell rings once a day, perhaps at noon.  The second largest bell twice a day, every 12 hours.  The next 3 times a day, and so forth.

It's unfortunately quite loud at midnight -- all the even numbered bells (but surrounded by relative quietness?).

Maybe only the divisors of 24 or 24*60.  36 bells suffice for once a minute.  24 for once every 15 minutes (sigma(24*60/4,0) in pari/gp).  3 or 2 octaves of a 12-tone chromatic scale.

Some bells only ever sound as part of a chord with other bells, so skip the more frequent bell? 

All bells ring at noon.  When ringing at the same time, should they ring simultaneously as a chord or or slightly offset as an arpeggio?

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