Friday, October 28, 2016

[xhuasskf] Leaking Clinton campaign emails

Russia the state leaking Hillary Clinton campaign emails in hopes of influencing the U.S. election seems very out of character for how a state intelligence agency normally works.

(If the attack merely originated in Russia the geographic region or been perpetrated by someone from Russia unaffiliated with state intelligence, then it would not be remarkable.)

Leaking the entirety, or a huge number, of the emails reveals how much was leaked ("they know you know"). Leaking them to the public prevents their use privately for extortion or precision tactics, for example leaking selected emails directly to the Trump campaign. Leaking the emails reveals compromised security, which would induce the Clinton campaign to plug up holes, holes which might have been better exploited for more valuable information in the future. Leaking them to the public prevents selling the documents to the highest bidder.

The Russian state intelligence agency, assuming it has discovered the hacker on Russian soil, is probably punishing him/her/them for doing all these things wrong.

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