Wednesday, October 19, 2016

[cjvvgoqf] Music player filesystem

Simplest is 1 "program", a bunch of songs in order.  Possible UI actions: play program in order from the beginning, go forward/backward one song, repeat program, repeat one song, shuffle program.

This was the model for the iPod shuffle that did not have a display.  It is similar to physical media formats: tape, records, CDs (though the latter 2 do have rudimentary random access).

Next is multiple programs: play the default (first) program, go forward/backward one program, repeat all programs, repeat one program, repeat one song.  The same song could be included on multiple programs; the device should deduplicate.  A program could be an album or playlist.

Is two levels or hierarchy too complicated to navigate without a display?  More levels?

Filesystem features required: symbolic links for deduplication, ordering of files and directories, metadata.

Inspiration was the lack of a standardized interface to play a music library stored on an external device on a car stereo, using an interface built into the car.

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