Saturday, February 06, 2016

[randnlut] Role switching on creepiness

The stereotypical story goes, the leader, a guy, is dancing with a follower, a girl, in a social partner dance.  The guy is forcing himself too close to the girl, making her uncomfortable.

A radical solution: they switch roles right there in the middle of the dance.  The guy, now the follower, continues to plaster himself against the girl.  Now, such a frame is actually extremely helpful and useful: it makes leading easy and allows the leader a lot of leverage and contact points to lead interesting moves.

However, this probably won't work.  The problem is, if the guy is already registering as creepy in the girl's mind, causing the closeness to feel uncomfortable (in contrast to the closeness feeling pleasant), then she is probably even less inclined and inspired to lead well.  The problem -- and that the dance was destined to be bad -- was already set before the dance even started, before the guy moved close.

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