Monday, December 07, 2015

[skctxieg] Portable incinerator

Create a box which quickly and safely incinerates its contents at the touch of a button.

Possibly build it into a car so that the fumes can be piped out with the regular car exhaust.  Application is a for courier who needs to destroy sensitive materials if pulled over by law enforcement.  Inspired by a story of a someone presumably carrying drugs who launched them out of his or her car with helium balloons when pulled over.

How can one burn things completely enough that the ash and soot are not useful to adversaries armed with forensic tools?  Probably need a stirrer in the incinerator.  Run extremely hot.

A home version may be useful, too: integrate it with home heating furnace exhaust or fireplace chimneys.  The home version might also have a complicated autonomous control system that ignites the flame if it detects that the homeowner has been overpowered or incapacitated (dead man's switch), or if it detects that a raid is imminent or in progress.

This is a fire proof box (safe) in reverse.

This will probably become a banned device.

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