Friday, October 30, 2015

[ldsdscrb] Strip act

A stripper performs an exotic dance: some members of the audience find it entertaining, some less so.  This is because people have different preferences of what they want to see, what tickles their fancy, their erotic imagination.

The same stripper then performs another dance, appealing to a different segment of the audience with different preferences than the first.  How difficult is this?

On one hand, probably not that much more difficult than any other form of acting: taking on different characters.  On the other hand, sex, arousal, courtship might be special: it could be that deceptively turning someone else on, i.e., acting, is extremely difficult because we have evolved not to be susceptible to such deception.  It could be that being turned on by a strip act is to a large extent a product of very tiny things, mannerisms, looks, subtle markers of (seeming) identity, that are difficult to change or fake.

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