Thursday, October 29, 2015

[flyzuioi] Full opening book

Create an opening book, some specified number of plies deep, so that a computer chess program can play instantaneously for the first few moves no matter what the opponent plays, even if the opponent makes bad moves which would normally take it "out of book".  Very roughly, a conceptually simple combination of perft and multipv, though the computation will be expensive.  Let there be more than one possible book move (to be selected randomly) for certain positions, reflecting roughly equal precalculated evaluations, to provide some variety for the player.  Perhaps the book goes deeper for some popular lines.

What would be a good way to compress such an opening book?  Perhaps a Bloom Filter of acceptable positions.

We can make the assumption that the computer will only face positions reachable using its own moves specified in its book.  However, we need separate books for white and black.

Allow a engine (whose behavior is known at the time the book was generated) to execute a very quick "instantaneous" shallow search from a position.  If that engine finds the right move, then the book move does not need to be stored: this serves as a sophisticated form of data compression.

Generate such books for Chess960.

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