Monday, June 16, 2014

[akvgipnb] Base cards

Create a deck of cards labeled 0 through 100 (so 101 cards).  On each card is also printed its prime factorization and the number written out in many bases: base 2 through N the number of the card. (Of course, for the last entry on (almost) every card, any number X in base X is 10.)

The motivation is to have a universal card deck for which subsets of cards may be used to mimic many structures a specialized card deck might have.  For example, to mimic a standard 52 card deck, use only cards 0 through 51 and pay attention to base 13. For the game of Set, pay attention to base 3.

The subset of 34 cards with factorizations 2^a * 3^b * 5^c might be interesting to play with.

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