Wednesday, January 15, 2014

[uzkungfp] Third-party gun storage

Voluntarily store your gun not merely in a locked safe, but one that is also guarded by a person, likely a business which specializes in storing clients' guns.

The business can verify your identity each time before letting you check out your gun.  This prevents others from accessing your gun.

The business can provide counseling before you check out your gun.  The goal is to prevent you yourself from doing something stupid with your gun by giving you a chance to talk it over with someone else, first.

In order to convince people to use such a service,  I think we need the legal "technological" mechanism of legal confidentiality from subpoena on par with storing the gun in your own safe in your own home, that is, nearly complete and total confidentiality.  Sort of like attorney-client. We also need a mechanism such that a third party (e.g., government) confiscating or denying access to your gun is just as difficult as confiscating a gun in your own home.

The business can help in maintaining your gun in good working condition, for example cleaning, repair, and testing.

Various clever technological measures could speed up accessing your gun when you quickly want it.

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