Wednesday, March 21, 2012

[zenpqfew] Cubes for 3D printing

Consider 3D printing an object composed of selected cubes on a lattice.  To increase structural rigidness, join cubes touching only at vertices with a nice "bridge" thicker than an infinitesimal point.  Similarly with cubes sharing only an edge.

Exposed sharp corners and edges are prickly and fragile, so smooth them out to rounded.  This might be nontrivial if combined with the joining of edges and corners above.

Can this be done with an "organic" algorithm in which "detritus" collects in sharp empty spaces, and "erosion" happens on sharp solid spaces? It seems easier than thinking through all the possible ways cubes might touch.

Musing on printing a 3D version of the fingerprint.  For maximum rigidity, we don't mind cubes touching at corners, which we avoided in 2D.

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