Saturday, February 25, 2012

[rnlrhbhy] Massive interactive art

Create large, monumental piece of interactive art that a great many people (a large portion of a city) can see at once, but only one person at a time interacts with it.

Tetris on the side of a tall building.  Other puzzle or game.

Giant flag semaphore (optical telegraph).  Other messaging or drawing.

Nothing like this (not a permanent installation) exists to my knowledge.  I think society will change as a response to it.  Perhaps we don't have such a thing because we fear democratization of broadcasting.

One of the deep questions is what to do about people creating ugly art with it, for example, spelling out naughty messages.  Embrace it as an essential feature of interactive art, or carefully design it to limit it?

Because only one person at a time can interact with it, that control station could have an admission fee, funding the project.

Trivial to do virtually, though the audience may be small.

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