Monday, January 24, 2011

[rsmpendn] No Privacy

Normally, I am pro-privacy, but consider the opposite extreme. Consider a modification of the Orwell's 1984, not just Big Brother is watching You, but Everybody is watching Everybody. That is, it is not just Big Brother who has access to the surveillance for nefarious purposes, but everyone has access and can peek into anyone else's life. Most importantly, the powerful are not free from surveillance, and the little people gain the power of being able to monitor the people who control and govern them.

It's a Faustian bargain, being able to watch the watchers in return for being watched yourself. The lives of the common people are mundane.  Bodies are shaped the same.  Bodily functions are the same.  Is the bargain worth it?

It would be impossible to pull off the "Shadow Elite".

Some social issues cloaked in shame could be measured.

Hopefully we'll have cleaner public restrooms.

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